Hoddlesden St Paul's Church of England Primary School


EYFS Maths - Numbers to 10 bingo

EYFS Maths - Ordering numbers to 10

EYFS Maths - Representing and sorting 9 and 10 (part 2)

EYFS Maths - Representing and sorting 9 and 10

EYFS Maths - Measuring time

EYFS Maths - Measuring height

EYFS Maths - Days of the week

EYFS Maths - Comparing length - longer and shorter

EYFS Maths - Comparing height - taller and shorter

EYFS Maths - Adding more

EYFS Maths - Combining 2 groups

EYFS PD - Move like an animal

EYFS Maths - Making pairs

EYFS Maths - One more and one less

EYFS Maths - Matching 6, 7, 8

EYFS Maths - Composition of 8

EYFS Maths - Sorting 6,7,8 and the composition of 7

EYFS Maths - Measuring ingredients to make playdough

EYFS EAD - Design an invitation to the 'Teddy Bears Picnic'

EYFS Maths - Measuring capacity

EYFS Maths - Full or empty?

Maths - How many are hiding? (Part 2)

EYFS Understanding the World - Making comparisons

Maths - How many are hiding?

EYFS Maths - Composition of numbers to 5 (3 groups)

EYFS Maths - How many altogether?

Maths - sharing

EYFS Literacy - Creating a story map

EAD - How to bake a Gingerbread Man

EYFS Literacy - Characters video

Video to support the Literacy teaching of characters in EYFS.

EYFS Maths Monday 11th January

Join Miss Briggs singing the traditional nursery rhyme '5 currant buns' to practice counting backwards from 5. See if you can identify one less each time a customer buys a currant bun.

Phonics Aerobics

Musical reading

Popcorn and teaching partners

read - run - write

EYFS Autumn 2020

Parent/Carer Induction Meeting June 2020

EYFS virtual tour